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Equal Opportunities Office of the University of Hohenheim

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Photo credits and sources


Margarete von Wrangell: Archive of the University of Hohenheim

Marie Curie (Home): Wikipedia, author unknown

Marie Curie (About Margarete von Wrangell): Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

William Ramsay: Science History Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Professor Uwe Ludewig: Florian Gerlach



Archive of the University of Hohenheim

Book “Margarethe von Wrangell – The Life of a Woman 1876 – 1932” by Prince Vladimir Andronikov, 1936 Albert Langen / Georg Müller Verlag Munich.

Well-known photographers:
Dr. Lossen & Co., Stuttgart
Grete Batzke, Stuttgart
H. Lacour

Paintings: Wikipedia, artist Hermann Groeber

Statistics on the proportion of women:

Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Project realisation


Equal Opportunities Office of the University of Hohenheim, Dr. habil. Anette Fomin


Technical environment: agentur einfach persoenlich, Jörg Petermann

Texts and films: Wyld Motion, Christine Harbig

Realisation and design: Anita Strüby

Event photos:

Astrid Untermann

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